Do Justice teams

The world is broken. As broken people, we cannot fix it on our own. But through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can play a small part in the restoration of God's world to the way he created it to be. These ministries are a few of the ways we participate in this renewing work as a church.  

  • Do Justice: Creation Care Team

    Our Creation Care Team helps our church serve God by being good stewards of the world God created. One recent project this team spearheaded: setting up composting for our church's food waste.

  • Do Justice: Refugee/Immigration Team

    Scripture calls us to welcome and show love to the stranger, the immigrant. Jesus himself was a refugee when his family had to flee to Egypt to escape from King Herod. In an intense political climate, our Immigration Team helps us navigate the tensions that exist in being a welcoming country and the need for border security. 

  • Do Justice: Race

    Our "Do Justice: Race Team helps us understand how power and privilege lead to injustice and racism. Together, we work toward racial reconciliation and justice. The following statement guides our work. And check some video resources located here.

  • Missionaries

    Jesus commanded that we go out and make disciples. First Church supports a number of missionaries that extend the reach of God's kingdom to places like Suriname, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, and multiple countries within Latin America.