Worship at First Church

Worship plays a key role in the life of a church. We come to give God our praise, offer our confession, and seek his revelation through the preaching of the word. 

Watch recordings of our worship services on YouTube.

Here are some things you can count on about worship at First Church:

  • support when life is hard

    When you come to worship feeling burdened, sorrowful, or lost, we pray you'll find relief, comfort, and support in Christ. After every service, we have a prayer team available to pray with you about whatever is weighing on your heart. Sunday worship may also offer a time to share joys and concerns.

  • connection to god through music

    We both hear from God and respond through music. The songs we sing often share themes with or draw directly from the passage of Scripture we're exploring in the service.

  • strong scriptural roots

    Worship at First Church is always rooted in Scripture. We believe that Scripture is God's Word. And each week, our pastor delivers a message that explores how God is speaking to us in a passage from the Bible.

  • creativity and imagination

    We worship a God who creates, so we strive to reflect God's creativity in the way we worship him. Depending on the Sunday, worship at our church may incorporate drama, dance, poetry, or visual art.

  • Psalm 29

    Have you ever been in a storm? Psalm 29 depicts thunder and lightning coming across the land. We tried to capture some of the emotion and meaning of the psalm during a recent worship service!